Nino Schurter pulls back the curtain of the fitness routines of a World Champion in a fresh series of tutorial videos. EP 2 diving deep into the secrets of Interval Training now live.

When world champion Nino Schurter points out that interval training takes up at least 20% of his overall training schedule, you know it’s game on! Threshold, VO2 Max and how to work these into your riding routines has never been more accessible. Dive deep into the essentials of High Intensity Interval Training and let your endurance capabilities reach the next level.

In some regions it’s just not the right time to go riding outside on the road or on local trails. Therefore we strongly recommend to stick to the measurements in place by local authorities. “There will be a time after Corona and then we will all go full speed ahead again” Nino points out “For all of you who can’t wait now, these intervals can also be ridden on the trainer at home.” So if you’re lucky, you might meet him one day in ZWIFT firing some intervals up virtual mountains.

In this all-new series, World Champion Nino Schurter talks us through concrete workouts and training exercises targeting the core aspects of every biker’s fitness. These are routines he developed together with his training team and internalized himself over the years of his career. Race proven, there is something here for every rider out there.